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Fall of the Horned Serpent

by Medhelan

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Bardo Morales
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Bardo Morales Not being so adventurous, keeping it traditional and sounding tightly close to what anyone would expect from a D.S. album, Medhelan manages to deliver an absolute masterwork that evokes bravery, melancholy and love. Cinematic composing here is top notch. Favorite track: The Pyre of Gods.
Georgios Tsiotsialas
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Georgios Tsiotsialas Breathtaking Effort !!!
Highlight of the year !!!! Favorite track: The Pyre of Gods.
Brynan the Barbarian
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Brynan the Barbarian A splendid achievement for an accomplished and outstanding artist!
Thoth Amon
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Thoth Amon Medhelan's greatest work to date!
Hails from Hellas and Barak Tor!! Favorite track: The Pyre of Gods.
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A Celtic fantasy tale.
The events depicted are entirely fictional and open to interpretation.


released July 17, 2016

All music written, recorded and produced by Matteo Brusa 2015-2016

Texts by Chiara Rolla and Matteo Brusa 2016

Mastered by Grimrik 2016

Artwork by Svart Snø

Layout & new logo by Dan Capp



all rights reserved


Medhelan Milan, Italy

Music inspired by paganism, nature, folklore and fantasy.

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Track Name: Hail the High King
"The sacred stone has spoken,
it roared my name.
Men of sword and wisdom,
they will bring my shield.
By Gods and Fathers I'll proudly ride.
My arm will raise the blade
forged by eternal flames.
Ours is the gift of nature,
wealth for Men and beasts.
From crystal waters we shall drink.
I swear by Land, Sky and Sea.
The sacred stone has spoken,
it roared my name!"
Track Name: Land of the Ancestors
Clad in a woolen robe I ride,
a shadow by the King's side.
"Remember! In Mother's womb
the serpent will grow strong.
In rivers and lakes,
by mountains and hills,
through the wild of forests
and in the depths of sea,
Gods and Goddesses favor thee.
The Long Gone will sit
at the brave warrior's feast.
But beware! For cursed is the man
who turns his fate from him,
and great ruin will bring the one
who betrays his oath and kin."
Track Name: A Dove among Serpents
A stranger came to Court,
a young man kind and meek
but all the smiles suddenly died
as he began to speak.
"I bring the word of Father Lord,
the shining way of Truth,
the only voice of Wisdom
the savior of mankind.
His mark will make you stronger
for Man is meant to rise
above all earthly creatures
and rule them in His name.
You'll be reborn from Waters
to reign over the Land
by Heavens' glory you will stand
against His enemies.
The pains of flesh burden your soul.
Embrace the path of the true Lord."
Track Name: Wisdom and Fear
Four wands of yew by winter fires
will speak the truth enshrouded in lies.
"Sinister omens are plaguing these days.
The Meek has revealed a penchant for prey.
Empty words fall, oaths have been broken.
Gods are forsaken, the Ancients forgotten.
Many have been fooled by a promise bestowed,
baleful entailments the Spirits forebode."
Track Name: The Pyre of Gods
"How could a flooding river be stopped?
The plague has spread, everything's lost.
Gone are the Gods who blessed our Land,
their home violated by the fury of men
who raise stone walls in the name of the King,
drenched in the blood of our slaughtered kin.
The serpent's slain inside its den.
Nothing sacred's left to them."
Track Name: Summon the Clans
"Sound the horns!
Light the fires!
For all the Heartland Clans to hear
our call to arms must rise!
Visions of impending doom
wet an elder mother's eyes,
her fears fell silent to our hearts,
now ill words reach our side!
Sky's incensed, Land burns bright,
the Ancients scream their battle cry."
Track Name: The Chieftains' Last Ride
Voices grow loud,
shields clash by the fire.
tempers get frayed,
fiery blood paws the mire.
"To glory or death prepare to ride
against the king who threw his pride.
For truth and justice we will fight,
the Gods stand by our side!"
Track Name: A Song for the Exiled
"The world has changed.
They tried to seal our breath
but ashes hide the embers' glow.
In their robes we clad ourselves
til preying eyes turned cold.
A Water chant, a voice of Wind
my wisdom words have spread.
In young and fertile soil
these ancient seeds will sleep
until the Oak will sprout anew
for future sons to keep"